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FHA streamline refinance loans are available to borrowers seeking refinancing who already have FHA insured loans. Streamline refinance loans have strict criteria for refinancing. Besides the requirement of already having a FHA mortgage, borrowers are not allowed to receive any cash back. FHA streamline refinancing is strictly for rate and term refinancing. FHA mortgage products are unique because the U.S. government insures the mortgage-backed securities.

FHA streamline refinance rates have never been lower! Lock the FHA rate today and take advantage of a 5% fixed rate for thirty years. FHA refinance loans continue to be the best choice for saving money and reducing your home loan payment permanently. FHA Streamline Refinance guarantees the lowest FHA rates for refinancing nationally.

FHA streamline loans offer a hedge against property value declines because most streamline loans do not require the 2 full URAR appraisals required by non-streamline mortgages. Streamline refinancing ensures fixed interest rates and no pre-payment penalty for early pay-off.